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Automated VHF Telemetry

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    SensorGnome 1.JPGA SensorGnome equipped with a FUNcube Dongle radio receiver can detect pulses from Lotek coded transmitters.  If the output pattern from each tag has been registered with sensorgnome.org, the recorded pulses can later be decoded into tag IDs.  Tag registration and deployment information is uploaded to the sensorgnome.org server, where users can also upload their data files for processing.  Users receive full data on each detection of their tags, even if the detection came from a receiver deployed by someone else.

    Features of SensorGnome for Automated VHF Telemetry:
    • Affordable
    • Simultaneous scanning of multiple antennas (currently, up to 3 antennas with the more recent FuncubeDongle Pro Plus, but up to 5 antennas with the original FuncubeDongle Pro)
    • Dual power source: 9-36 V DC or AC as input (from the box)
    • Built-in GPS, optionally with ~20 microsecond synchronization to UTC time
    • Storage is effectively unlimited (you could put a 3TB USB drive on the hub, and run it for a few years without it filling up)
    • Detects and records frequency offset (offset of tag frequency from nominal frequency) which allows for additional information for tag-detection (and another parameter to distinguish between two tags with the same id)
    • Stores a complete record of all 'detections' for later processing; this allows for multiple checks of valid/invalid hits, and an archive of the actual 'data' received (e.g. a pre-processed data stream)
    • Stores information on running 'noise' and signal strength
    • Allows for multiple/alternate tag-detection algorithms
    • Communicates with a simple web-server; if connected to the internet, you can simply go to its web page and see what's up 
    Known 'non-features': 
    • System in development 
    • Power consumption is greater than some commercial receivers (i.e. it is not optimized for power consumption), but can still be run off solar power.

    Get started:

    1. Tags, Tags, Tags
    2. SensorGnome - Building, Powering, Connecting, Configuring...
    3. Antennas, Cables, & Connectors
    4. Receiver Station Set-up
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