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    Specifications for Lotek bird and bat nanotags can be viewed here.  The main difference between traditional 'beeper' tags and nanotags is that the latter type are digitally coded.  This allows for multiple tags operating on the same frequency to be uniquely identified.

    There are several important criteria to consider prior to ordering tags:

    • Size - Minimize weight of the tag + attachment materials.
    • Operational life - Battery size and burst interval (amount of time between consecutive pulses) influence the operational life of a tag.  Bigger battery = Longer life, but increased weight.  Longer burst interval = Longer life. 
    • Burst interval - Although a longer burst interval provides a longer operational life, increasing the burst interval reduces the number of data points attainable within a given time period.
    • Attachment method - Modifications to tags (e.g. tubes) may be necessary for certain attachment methods.


    • Tags MUST be registered prior to deployment
    • if ordering Lotek coded ID tags, make sure to specify "extended life";

      "Standard life" tags do not work reliably with Sensorgnomes .
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