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Connecting with an Ethernet cable instead of USB - no drivers required

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    2018 June 5 - connect your Windows 10 laptop to a beaglebone SG

    Due to difficulties installing or using beaglebone drivers under Windows 10, we recommend the following
    alternative approach for connecting to the (beaglebone) SG web interface and for downloading data files.

    Connect your laptop to the beaglebone's ethernet (network) port via ethernet cable like so:

    Tell your laptop about the beaglebone's network by following these steps (click on images to zoom):

    • go into Settings to get this window:

    • choose Network & Internet to get this window:

    • choose Change adapter options, and you will see this:

    • look for an adapter called Ethernet X (Unidentified network) and right-click to select Properties, to get this:

    • select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click Properties to get this:

    • choose Use the following IP address and fill in the IP address 192 . 168 . 9 . 1

    After hitting OK, you can open a web browser and enter this URL:

    to connect to the sensorgnome web interface.

    Unfortunately, these steps will probably be required each time you wish to connect to the beaglebone SG.
    Windows should remember this setting for your laptop's ethernet adapter, but if you subsequently wish to use
    a different wired network, you'll need to reselect "Obtain an IP address automatically" in the
    screen above.

    Downloading files to a Windows 10 laptop from a beaglebone-SG

    To download files, follow these steps:

    • install Filezilla on your laptop
    • in FileZilla, connect like this:
    • your SG's files can then be found in the /media/internal_SD_card/SGdata folder
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    Change Adapater Options
    25.27 kB16:19, 5 Jun 2018adminActions
    Choose Properties for Ethernet Adapter
    38.72 kB16:19, 5 Jun 2018adminActions
    Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 and click Properties
    18.77 kB16:20, 5 Jun 2018adminActions
    diagram of ethernet port and cable end, courtesy of wikipedia.org
    45.5 kB12:40, 6 Jun 2018adminActions
    click "Use the following IP address" and fill in these details
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    Network and Internet Settings
    54.25 kB16:19, 5 Jun 2018adminActions
    go into WIndows Settings
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