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Downloading System Log Files

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    Use this section only if you are having problems with a receiver.  It assumes you are familiar
    with the process of downloading data files.

    If a receiver is not working as expected, it might be helpful to obtain the system log
    files.  These are available on a different network drive than data files, namely




    i.e. replace data with root in the instructions for downloading data files.

    This network drive gives you access to the entire filesystem of the beaglebone's linux operating system,
    so take care not to accidentally overwrite or delete any items.

    To download the log files, navigate in the drive to the folder called var, then copy the folder therein
    called log to your computer.  You can zip this up and send it to us for analysis.  It is best not to
    delete log files from the beaglebone, as some of them might be in use.   The total size of the log
    file folder is automatically limited by deleting older files, so log files might not cover your entire
    deployment period.

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