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Swapping out data storage media in the field

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    To save time at field sites with tagged colonies or high RF noise, where raw data files are large, you can swap out the micro
    SD card or USB flash drive used for data storage.  Unfortunately, there is currently no way to do this without losing
    at least a few minutes of potential data.   To minimize data loss, follow these steps:

    1. Upload the empty software update file attached below to the SG using the Software Update form at the bottom
      of the SG web interface.  This is currently the only way to flush any data in memory out to the micro SD
      card (akin to the "Safely Remove USB device" you may be familiar with from other computers).
    2. Power down the SG
    3. Remove the micro SD card or USB flash drive.
    4. If using a USB flash drive (not recommended in general, but okay if necessary), insert a new USB flash drive.

    5. If using a micro SD card for data storage, insert a new micro SD card depending on the computer as follows:
      • Beaglebone Black (SGs built since mid 2013): a VFAT / FAT32 / DOS - formatted micro SD card up to 32 Gigabytes in size; just about any
        off-the-shelf micro SD card will already be correctly formatted.  Software resides on the BBB's internal flash
        memory, so a blank data card is all you need.
      • Beaglebone White (older SGs): a 4 to 32 Gigabyte micro SD cardwhich you have pre-imaged with Sensorgnome Software,
        as described here. There is no internal flash memory on this beaglebone, so every micro SD card must have the software.
        Note: this is the older computer model.  If your SG is from fall 2013 or later, it almost certainly uses the beaglebone black.

    6. Power up the SG.
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    empty software update file; upload this to an SG via its "Software Update" web interface form to force data to be flushed out from memory to storage media.
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