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Updating Firmware for buggy MR350P PPS-GPS

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    A few SensorGnome users received buggy PPS-GPS units.  The following solution applies to you if:

    • you are using an MR350P PPS GPS but never get the flashing green PPS signal, even in good GPS visiblity outdoors and after 15 minutes of operation


    • your MR350P is light gray rather than black on top, as shown in the left image below.  (Both units say "MR350" on the bottom.)


    Note: the MR350P-S4 is a the more recent model of the MR350P GPS, but some batches
    shipped with buggy PPS signal generation.

    Firmware Update Procedure - must be done with each problematic GPS

    You'll need this GPS/USB cable.

    1. unplug the GPS cable (mini-din barrel connector) from the PPS/GPS black box on your sensorgnome.
    2. plug the GPS cable into the GPS/USB cable
    3. plug the GPS/USB cable into a USB port of a Windows (XP, 7, or 8) computer.  Windows should
      recognize the cable as a PL2303 USB Serial converter and automatically install drivers for it.
    4. if Windows does not show a new COM port in the Wndows Device Manager control panel, you'll need to
      look under USB devices, find the USB Serial converter, open its properties, and check the "Load VCP" box:

    5. download the patch file onto the Windows computer
    6. extract the patch file (right click on the icon for the patch file and choose Extract all...)
    7. run the program patchS4_S-0PC-12-1307121.exe from the extracted folder
    8. in that program, select the COM port that corresponds to the GPS.  If unsure, try running the program without the GPS/USB cable attached to see what serial ports are in the list, then re-run the program with the GPS/USB cable attached and choose the newly-added COM port.
    9. check the 'show results' checkbox at top right (the text there is in Chinese)
    10. click on "Patch"
    11. watch what happens.  You should get a long sequence of messages. If you only get a few messages, and then see 'waiting to receive OSP message' and then nothing happens for 20 seconds, followed by a timeout error, the patching did not work.  Make sure you have selected the correct serial port, and try again.
    12. unplug the GPS from the GPS/USB cable, plug it back into the SG PPS/GPS black box, and reboot the SG.  You should see a flashing green PPS indicator on the SG web interface within about 10 minutes .
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