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Test Protocol

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    The basic idea is to activate a tag, and power up each sensorgnome with a network connection.
    Data will automatically be sent to a server at sensorgnome.org, and we'll supply a web page where
    status can be seen.  This is in addition to the web interface page served over USB by each SensorGnome.

    Note: for beaglebone blacks enclosed in the orange logicsupply.com case, the lid will need to be removed to allow
    access to the 'boot' button needed for the first software imaging. 

    1. Decide on your network set-up:
      • Wirelessedit the network.txt file on the imaging micro SD card appropriately, before using
        it to install software on the SensorGnome.  You'll need a wireless router with WPA2
        security enabled, and each SensorGnome will need a TP-LINK TL-WN725N USB WiFi adapter
        attached to its USB hub.
      • Wired:  the router must support standard DHCP for assigning IP addresses and DNS information.

    2. Install the latest software image on the SensorGnome, as described here.
      Note: you'll need access to the Boot button on the beaglebone motherboard.
    3. Unplug power from the SG - this is usually done by detaching the Y cable from the DC/DC converter plug.
    4. Remove the micro SD card used for imaging.
    5. Insert the blank 32 GB micro SD data card. Each unit should ship with its blank
      micro SD card installed.
    6. Attach the TP-LINK TL-WN725N usb WiFi adapter, or plug an ethernet cable into the beaglebone,
      according to your network set-up.
    7. Attach a GPS to the USB hub.  (For this to work and provide a test of the GPS, the GPS puck will need to
      be relatively close to a window.)
    8. Attach at least one funcubedongle to the USB hub, and situate it so it is at least somewhat exposed above
      the rim of the pelican case.
    9. Power up the SensorGnome.
    10. Activate one or more Lotek transmitter tags with the Lotek activator.

    To verify that the Lotek tag is active, you should put it near one of the SensorGnomes, and connect to that unit
    via a USB cable (small end connects to the mini USB port on beaglebone, which is next to the ethernet port.  Large
    end connects to a laptop.  Make sure you're not trying to plug the cable into the micro HDMI port on the beaglebone! ). 
    Then check for detections of the activated tags via the web interface.  In particular, the Live Known Tags window will
    record detections of tags as they occur. 
    Note:  this web interface is a connection via ethernet-over-USB to a server on the beaglebone itself. 
    There is also a web page on sensorgnome.org (requires login) that summarizes data received from internet-connected

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