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    Eventually we'll put various means of visualizing your data here. 

    Tower locations

    A plot of all of the tower locations for 2013 can be constructed as follows. Note that there are MANY other options for plotting, including various options using Google Earth. Some ideas and links can be found here:  https://sites.google.com/site/rodrig...s/usingrasagis

    And various spatial datasets that might be of interest can be found here: ## http://www.naturalearthdata.com/?s=import

    Here is a way to make a really simple plot, using the current (23 October 2013) version of the tower locations in the Gulf of Maine region. 

    ## plot the tower locations ...
    ## pdt; 23 October 2013
    ## get the tower data
    all.rc.2013 <- read.csv("receiver_configurations_2013") ## add in the appropriate directory structure here
    # example plot
    newmap <- getMap(resolution = "high")  # different resolutions available
    newmap.df <- fortify(newmap)
    ## subset the Gulf of Maine from the world map
    GOM.shoreline.df <- subset(newmap.df, long > -73 & long < -59 & lat > 41 & lat < 48)
    ## plot it
    p <- ggplot(data=GOM.shoreline.df, aes(long, lat))
    p + geom_path(aes(group=group)) + 
      coord_map() + 
      geom_point(data=all.rc.2013, aes(long, lat), col="red", size=3) 


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