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    2013 Oct. 8: allow find_tags more leeway than 2 bursts in distinguishing among tags, using algorithm already implemented in filter_tags; will allow for better descrimination of tags with the same ID at the same frequency.

    2013 Oct. 4 (DONE: 2013 Oct. 8): filter_tags: maintain and dump a histogram per Lotek tag ID of inter-hit time gaps to 1 ms precision over the interval 2..12 seconds, say, so we can report on likely tags from projects unknown to us.  Could also be used to estimate burst
    intervals for tags which were deployed without registration, so records for those can be added to the database.  We've already
    had to do this manually for some last-minute extra tags deployed on SESA in the arctic.

    2013 Oct. 4: filter_tags: any way to allow for finding runs with consistent burst intervals but significantly different from those in the
    database? Might be required if burst interval varies sufficiently between registration and field temperatures.  Might be handled by
    increasing burst slop, or via iteratively doing procedure in previous TODO, then adding record to DB.  (Hopefully not necessary; it would be nice if the
    BI of tags doesn't change too much with temperature).

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