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Sending Data for Automatic Processing from Dropbox

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    23 Dec. 2016: This page is obsolete; please use our own upload site here


    You can send data for automatic processing from dropbox.com

    Compose an email

    Use your usual email program to compose an email like so:

    To:      data@sensorgnome.org
    Subject: Token                 (use Token from box below)
    Body:    Shared Link           (create using instructions below)

    (the email dialog built into dropbox doesn't work for automatic transfers)

    Fill in the Token:

    Fill in the Shared Link:

    Highlight file or folder so that the Share button is visible:







    Click on Share so that Can edit  or Can view is visible:


    If the box says Can edit, then click on it to change it to Can view:


    Click on Create a link so that Copy link becomes visible:


    Click on Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard, then paste that into the email:


    The shared link has been copied to your clipboard and can be entered in your

    Notes:Edit section

    When you send a folder this way, it is downloaded once and processed.
    If you later add files to the folder they will not be processed unless you
    send a new email the same way.  Currently, there is no way to automatically
    sync from your dropbox folder to sensorgnome.org 

    It is okay to repeat some files between transfers.  This wastes download
    bandwidth, but does not cause any problems with data.


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