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Sending Data for Automatic Processing from Google Drive

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    23 Dec. 2016: This page is obsolete; please use our own upload site here

    You can send data for automatic processing from drive.google.com

    Double-click on the token below, and copy it to your clipboard:

    Select your file or folder, right click on it, choose Share:


    In this dialogue, enter data@sensorgnome.org under People:


    Click on "Can edit" and set permissions to "Can view":


    Paste your token from the top of this page into "Add a note":


    Hit    Send   to send the link.  Our server will download the file or folder and process it.


    Notes:Edit section

    When you send a folder this way, it is downloaded once and processed.
    If you later add files to the folder they will not be processed unless you
    send a new email the same way.  Currently, there is no way to automatically
    sync from your gooogle drive folder to sensorgnome.org 

    It is okay to repeat some files between transfers.  This wastes download
    bandwidth, but does not cause any problems with data.

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    fill in the email address and your token
    40.78 kB12:22, 4 Oct 2016adminActions
    the dialogue you see after clicking "Share"
    30.42 kB12:19, 4 Oct 2016adminActions
    select the folder then right click and choose "Share"
    65.12 kB12:17, 4 Oct 2016adminActions
    make sure to choose "Can View", not "Can Edit"
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