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Broken releases and updates

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    This page shouldn't exist, but lists images and updates which were broken, for the record.


    2015 July 28: important update to improve reliability

    Update file: 2015-07-28_sensorgnome_update.tar.bz2

    Combined July 20 + July 28 update file: 2015-07-28_and_2015-07-20_combined_sensorgnome_update.tar.bz2

    Installation instructions here.  This update is independent of any other updates and images
    to date, and should work on any version of the 2014 software release.

    Some users have experienced outages with one or more of these symptoms:

    • a funcube operating correctly on a fully powered system stops working,
      even though the SG continues to operate.

    • some funcubes do not work at all from, right from the time a system is booted.
    • no USB devices are found (funcubes, GPS, microphones).

    While it seems most occurrences of these problems are on units with unreliable or
    insufficient power, they have also been observed on AC-connected systems.
    It has been difficult to track down the source of the problems, because they
    are very infrequent.  This update works around our ignorance and sets up two
    watchdogs which look for symptoms and attempt corrective actions:

    • every 2 minutes, any attached funcubes are restarted if they are not running
    • every 15 minutes, if there are no funcubes or microphones detected, the SG
      reboots.  This is a partial workaround for the broken USB hotplug issue, whereby
      devices unplugged then replugged without rebooting the SG will not always work.

    This is not a very satisfying update, in that we still don't understand the underlying problems,
    but we expect it will prevent some long periods of outage (these are rare, but significant).

    Note:  disabling automatic watchdog reboots

    After installing this update, you can still prevent the second watchdog from causing the SG to reboot,
    if you add a line near the top of the deployment.txt file like so:

    these lines:

            "info": "default deployment",
            "who": "who is responsible for this deployment",

    become these lines:

            "info": "default deployment",
            "option": "NO_USB_WATCHDOG_REBOOT",
            "who": "who is responsible for this deployment",

    i.e. insert the line "option": "NO_USB_WATCHDOG_REBOOT", after the "info" line, making sure to include the trailing comma.
    For now there is no way to disable the first watchdog, as restarting stopped funcubes
    should have no other side-effects.

    BROKEN - DO NOT USE: 2014 Aug 27: new image with all fixes to date;  recommended for deployment

    BROKEN Image: sensorgnome_image_2014-08-27_17-32-56.img.7z

    Installation instructions


    Consolidates updates since the 23 May image.

    BROKEN - See 2014 Sep 3 2014 Aug 27: update to support the Compudata GPS cape

    Broken: Update file:  2014-08-27_sensorgnome_update.tar.bz2

    Installation instructions

    This is for the initial model of the cape, which does not have an embedded serial number
    and so is not (yet) an official beaglebone cape.  It also supports the Adafruit GPS breakout
    board, as described here.  Users of the standard USB GPS or of the older, non-cape PPS GPS
    do not need this update, but it should not cause any problems.   This update includes the changes
    from the 2013 Aug 13 update, and slightly reformats the device list to better distinguish
    between devices attached directly to the beaglebone and those connected via a USB hub.

    2014 April 29: new image with all fixes to date Do not use!

    Image file:  sensorgnome_image_2014-04-29_10-52-48.img.7z
    Installation instructions

    Problems fixed:

    • severe noise when listening to funcubedongle receiver in web interface (did not affect pulse detection)
    • not all pulse and tag detections being displayed on the web interface (did not affect recorded data files)
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