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Known Issues in the 2014 Software Release

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    • broken USB hotplug: this is a kernel issue.  Essentially, there must be at least one device plugged into the USB hub at power-up time in order for devices plugged in after power-up to be detected
    • broken WiFi bud replug: if you unplug then replug the WiFi bud into the USB hub, it no longer works.  You'll have to reboot the SensorGnome if you want to re-establish an internet connection.
    • broken ethernet hotplug: to use wired ethernet, the cable must already be plugged into the sensorgnome (and the other end already connected to a live router) at power-on time.  Not sure whether this is a sensorgnome or a kernel issue.
    • no internet time:  I forgot to install ntpd, so the sensorgnome can't currently grab time and date from an ntp server via an internet connection.  The GPS continues to be the only source for setting the SensorGnome clock.   Field-deployed units won't necessarily have an internet connection, so testing of the GPS is required anyway.
    • no upload of USB device information for devices plugged in before the internet connection was established.  needs a minor fix to the uploader.js module to send 'add' records for already enumerated USB devices
    • no security protection on connections via beaglebone USB port:  anyone who can connect a cable between their laptop and the SensorGnome beaglebone's mini USB port can run the web interface and download data files.  Login with root privileges via ssh on the USB port is protected by only trivial credentials.  In contrast, remote login (e.g. via a WiFi or wired ethernet connection) does use full-strength ssh protection.  Currently, no web interface control is provided for locking down the SensorGnome.
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