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Parts list - partial

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    Suggestions as of 2017-06-26.  This is preliminary and not complete.  Use the parts-list for the beaglebone-based
    SG as a guide.  Suggestions based on field use welcome.

    Typical Field Site with up to 4 Antennas

    1. Raspberry Pi 3  for a site with up to 4 antennas; in Canada, in USA
    2. Adafruit Pi GPS hat (goes with RPi 3); in Canada, in USA 
    3. case.  Heat dissipation is probably a good idea.  Here's an example

    Handheld / Drone / Single Antenna site

    1. Raspberry Pi Zero W (wireless); in Canada, in USA
    2. Adafruit GPS breakout board; in Canada,  in USA

    3. case ?

    Other parts needed for most set-ups:

    1. micro USB to DC Barrel cable; in Canada , in USA.
    2. DC / DC converter e.g. this or this.
    3. powered external GPS antenna (unless the GPS hat is given a view of the sky not blocked by metal)
      Any of the models in the link should be okay, but I'm not sure what people have been using


    • funcubedongle Pro Plus:  the well-tested traditional SG radio.  One per antenna
    • SMA to BNC adapter; in Canada

    • RTL-SDR; e.g. from here.  Much cheaper, variety of models, but tested very little; One per antenna
    • depending on the model, either SMA to BNC adapter (as for funcube), or a uFL to SMA
      cable, then an SMA to BNC adapter.
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