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RPi-SG - downloading data

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    Data are available from the built-in FTP server.  This is different than the network drive used in
    the older beaglebone-SG.  All methods of accesing this server use the same URL:

    RPi-SG download URL:    ftp://pi:raspberry@sgpi.local

    You can access that URL in several ways:

    • any platform: Firefox web browser with the FireFTP extension
    • Windows:  enter the URL into the "Location" bar of Windows File Manager
    • OS X: from the Finder menu, choose "Go" and "Connect to server", then enter the URL

    You should be able to copy the entire folder of data to e.g. your desktop, then compress it
    into a single .ZIP,  .7z or .rar archive.   That archive can be sent to us for processing using
    the page here:


    which requires your login credentials from motus.org

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