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Connectivity Tags

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    Table of contents
    1. 1. Info
    2. 2. Goals
    3. 3. Solution
    4. 4. Changes required to SG
    5. 5. Notes
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    These are delayed-activation beeper tags.   The current set has these features:

    • pulse length: 10 ms
    • repeat interval: 27 or 40 per minute
    • frequency: various, in the range 166.281 to 166.472 MHz


    • detect pulses from both these and Motus tags (166.380; coded ID; pulse length 2.5 ms) on the same receivers.
    • record pulses from both, distinguishing between them
    • identify which tag pulses of either type are coming from in the live display


    • tune each funcube to 166.376 (the connectivity tags' frequency range is centred around there)
    • attach two copies of the pulse-finding plugin to each funcube device. One looks for 2.5 ms pulses, the other for 10 ms pulses
    • set wide frequency filtering for the 10 ms tags; narrow frequency filtering for the 2.5 ms tags
    • use a different letter code for pulses from the 10 ms detector ('x') vs. the 2.5 ms detector ('p') in both raw files and live display
      (Tag extraction code on our server will need to be updated to handle the 'x' pulses based on registrations of the tags.)
    • modify the live display code to show true frequency of each pulse.
      This is only a partial solution:  it does not keep track of repeat interval so that a live ID can be displayed for beeper tags.

    Changes required to SG

    • modify deployment.txt to have two plugin objects attached to each funcube (see example attached below)
    • update SG software (attached below)
      The update is not needed if your sensorgnome is already running a version of the software from 2016 or later.


    • the 10 ms detector gets fooled by pulses from 2.5 ms tags, and seems to generate a bunch of bogus pulse detections,
      at least in testing with a whip antenna and 166.376 MHz tag on the desktop.  This will significantly increase file sizes
      on those SG, at least at noisy sites and when many 2.5 ms tags are around, but should still be well within storage limits.
    • only those SG with the changes mentioned above will consistently pick up the connectivity tags.  
    • the update attached below has only been tested against the latest 2014 software release. 
      The update is not needed if your sensorgnome is already running a version of the software from 2016 or later.


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    FileSizeDateAttached by 
    example of dual-detection deployment.txt file; looks for 2.5ms and 10ms pulses on both types of funcubes, with wide frequency filtering on the latter. Corrected 2nd pulse length to 10ms from 16ms.
    5.24 kB00:22, 26 May 2015adminActions
    DO NOT INSTALL THIS UPDATE - IT IS OBSOLETE AS OF 2016. update to sensorgnome software required for dual detection. Without this update, pulses will not be recorded and/or not be given distinguishable labels.
    7.26 kB10:27, 23 May 2015adminActions
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