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Connecting to your SensorGnome

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    Warning:  a live web interface is your only guarantee that the SensorGnome is actually working. 
    Do not deploy if you can't attach.

    Note: your SensorGnome should be powered up before connecting to a laptop.

    Note: for instructions on how to connect to a Raspberry Pi, click here

    Where to connect the USB cable

    The SensorGnome uses a small computer called the beaglebone, which is enclosed in an acrylic or metal case:
    beaglebone_top_view.jpg                     beaglebone_end_view_power_jack.jpg
    The computer has no built-in display or keyboard, so you must use your own computer and connect a USB 2.0 cable from it to the SensorGnome port shown in the right hand image above.  The SensorGnome should already have the appropriate mini A to standard A USB cable attached to the beaglebone and coiled up in the case.

    Talking to your SensorGnome

    Once your SensorGnome is powered up, connect the other end of the USB 2.0 cable to your computer. Note, your SensorGnome will not communicate with your computer if the USB Port Hub and USB GPS are not connected before it is powered up. Windows and Mac users will probably need to install drivers first.  The SensorGnome sets up a local network between it and your computer via the USB cable.  The SensorGnome configures itself to have internet address, so to connect to it, start an HTML-5 web browser (Firefox recommended; Safari or Chrome should also work) and enter:

    in the address bar.  You can of course bookmark this page.  This should begin loading the SensorGnome web interface page, which will take around 30 seconds.  

    Note: Internet Explorer will almost certainly not work for this, and is not supported, but we're happy to learn otherwise!

    On the Mac, the SG will appear in the Network control panel like this:

    Sensorgnome connection.png

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