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Sensorgnome Parts List

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    April 1 2014: A parts aquisition list that identifies US sources for some of the sensorgnome parts, tower parts, solar array, antenna, etc. is attached below. This is a list used in 2013 to order equipment and as such, may not be up to date for any technology/hardware changes scheduled for 2014 for the sensorgnomes. Therefore, you should refer to the table below, on this Wiki to get the most up to date and comprehensive parts lists, and news on any hardware updates, and use the attachment to identify sources for the parts here in the states.

    The list of parts in the table below is kept up to date, and supersedes any versions distributed as spreadsheets.
    In order to focus software development and support effort, and to maximize testing and field reliability,
    we strongly recommend using only the components itemized below.  In general, we cannot offer help
    or support for other choices of components.

    Latest revision: 2016 Dec 7


    Only boards made by CircuitCo and Element14 will work.
    These have serial numbers  that look like ZZZZBBBKZZZZ where the 'Z' are digits or letters.  
    Beaglebone black boards by Seeed Studios or GHI are not supported at present.


    Color key :    Alternative to previous entry       Optional Item
      Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Supplier Supplier Part Number Quantity Price (estimate) Notes
    FUNcube Dongle Pro Plus funcubedongle.com NA hamradio.co.uk NA 1 per antenna 200.00 CAD up to 3 per sensorgnome. 
    BNC-SMA adapter amphenolconnex.com 242102 digikey.ca ACX1322-ND 1 per antenna 6.28 CAD  
    6 inch USB extension cable (A Male to A Female) startech.com USBEXTAA6IN startech.com USBEXTAA6IN 1 per antenna 6.99 CAD 6 Inch cable is for when you want the funcubedongle inside the pelican case.  In hot weather deployments, it might be better to put the funcubedongle outside the pelican case, using a longer USB cable.  This will require weather-sealing the FCD and cable connection, but means ~ 2 Watts of heat dissipation will occur outside the pelican case, protecting components from overheating.
    Computer and Accessories
    Note: BeagleBONE, not BeagleBOARD!
    Beaglebone Black (not original Beaglebone white) beaglebone.org BB-BLK-000 digikey.ca BB-BBLK-000-ND 1 49.20 CAD You need a beaglebone made by element 14 or CircuitCo.  Those by Seeed Studios and GHI are not currently supported.
    Beaglebone Black
    Orange Metal Case
    logicsupply.com BB100-orange logicsupply.com   1 14.95 US preferred case due to greater durability, heat dissipation, and ability to expand to hold a cape
    Beaglebone (BONE, not BOARD) Black Enclosure (Clear Acrylic) built-to-spec.com 1459574 http://builttospecstore.storenvy.com...lack-enclosure 1459574 1 12.00 US okay, but metal case above is preferred
    32 GB class 10 MicroSD Flash Card with SD adapter tigerdirect.ca SDC10/32GB tigerdirect.ca K24-8821 1 40.99 CAD 1 per unit, for data storage.  Note: you will also need a single 4 GB micro SD card which can be used to install software on any number of SensorGnomes.  In many situations, a card with 16, 8, or even just 4 GB will be okay.  But a large card ensures you won't run out of storage at sites with high radio noise.
    USB Hub              
    Dlink USB 2.0 7-Port Hub dlink.com DUB-H7 tigerdirect.ca D700-4000 1 24.97 CAD Other USB hubs are not supported!  If you have real trouble getting this one, contact us.
    low-accuracy (1 second) USB gps; no soldering required.  Simplest GPS, but see the notes at right. usglobalsat.com 05-BU353-W gpscity.ca BU353-S4 1 44.95 CAD This is fine for VHF telemetry, but if you plan to use your SensorGnome for acoustic sampling, or with only a single telemetry antenna in a power-constrained location, then we recommend the approach here instead.
    Power Supply:              
    V-Infinity DC/DC Voltage Converter cui.com VYB10W-Q24-S5-T digikey.ca 102-2306-ND 1 42.34 CAD  
    V-Infinity DC/DC Voltage Converter cui.com PYB10-Q24-S5-U digikey.ca 102-3154-ND 1 42.34 CAD Alternative to previous option, which is nearing end of production.
    5VDC 3A Adapter Multi-blade cui.com EMSA050300-P5RP-SZ digikey.ca T1178-P5RP-ND 1 20.04 CAD Only required if you need an AC adapter that will let you power the sensorgnome from an AC wall plug anywhere on the planet.  Otherwise, the AC adapter that comes with the DUB H7 USB hub is sufficient for North America.
    Male 5.5mm OD 2.1mm ID DC plug with cable (6 feet, but only 1 foot needed) tensility.com 10-01063 digikey.ca 839-1169-ND 1 3.80 CAD  
    Female 5.5mm OD 2.1mm ID socket to dual male 5.5/2.1 plug DC Y cable     securitycamera2000.com SCB0034 1 5.59 CAD  
    barrier block (two channels; #8 screws; for wire gauge 10-18 AWG) molex corp. 38211-0102 digikey.ca WM5803-ND 1 3.44 CAD  
    Speaker wire (16 AWG; for connecting barrier block to voltage converter)     Local retailer   ~30 cm    
    Ring terminals (#8 stud; 16 AWG)     Local retailer   2    
    Pelican Case:              
    Pelican 1200 (without foam) pelican.com 1200 ocli.ca 1200 1 of these 45.00 CAD For automated VHF telemetry applications, we recommend model 1400, especially when more than one FUNcube is used. For acoustic applications, model 1200 is sufficient
    Pelican 1300 (without foam) pelican.com 1300 ocli.ca 1300 55.00 CAD
    Pelican 1400 (without foam) pelican.com 1400 ocli.ca 1400 83.00 CAD
    Portal Fittings for Case:              
    1.5" (ABS or PVC) Fitting Cleanout Adapter canplasplumbing.com 103701 homehardware.ca 3252-214

    1 of these

    2.19 CAD  
    1.5" (ABS or PVC) Male Adapter canplasplumbing.com 102871BC homehardware.ca 3252-321 1.19 CAD  
    1.5" (ABS or PVC) Test Cap canplasplumbing.com 10TC315BC homehardware.ca 3252-615 1.19 CAD  
    Additional assembly materials:              
    Aluminum or Copper Foil Self-adhesive Tape (~ 2 inch width)     Local retailer   1 roll will wrap many FUNcubes   Provides shielding to reduce electromagnetic interference between funcubedongles and other components (USB hub, beaglebone computer).
    Velcro (Sticky Back Fasteners) velcro.com   Local retailer   1 roll will do several SensorGnomes    
    Velcro (One-Wrap Tie Rolls) velcro.com   Local retailer   1 roll will do several SensorGnomes    
    Heat Glue (or Super Glue)     Local retailer        
    Labels for DC power supply, USB hub, and voltage converter             See sensorgnome.org for templates
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