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Sensorgnome Serial Number

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    Each SensorGnome's Beaglebone Black computer has a unique internal serial number stored in permanent memory, and this
    serves as the SensorGnome's serial number or "Machine ID".  (SGs from Compudata also have a manufacturer serial number
    on the outside of the Pelican case).  This ID is used to identify data streams coming from the sensorgnome. 
    To match serial numbers to physical Sensorgnomes, you can either connect to the Sensorgnome's web interface,
    which will display its serial number, or look for the serial number label on the beaglebone computer, or read the serial
    number from the long names of raw data files.

    Getting the Serial Number from a Dataset

    Tag detection datasets have the serial number of the receiver in the field 'recv'.; e.g. SG-5113BBBK2400

    Reading the Serial Number from Raw Data Filenames

    The serial number is embedded in the name of every raw data file recorded by a Sensorgnome,
    as shown in blue for this example:


    It is separated by hyphens from the site code (green) and the boot count (red).

    Finding the Serial Number on a Beaglebone Black

    The serial number is a 12 digit string like this:


    The highlighted digits are visible on a barcode label stuck to the side of the long black plastic P8 connector.

    For the above serial number, the bar code label reads:

        0 023132934029  A5B

    The BBBK represents the model (beaglebone Black).  The A5B string is a model revision code.

    Finding the Serial Number on a Beaglebone White

    The serial number is a 12 digit string like this:


    and is printed directly on a label attached to the shiny ethernet connector box next to the +5 V power jack.
    The label also has a revision code (A6a).  The BB00 represents the model number (beaglebone white).

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