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SensorGnome - fresh data from the field to your plate

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    An open source system for moderate-bandwidth data acquisition, processing, and sharing.

    HELP!   I have one and don't know how to connect to it!

    Domains of application

    • VHF telemetry (record signals from transmitter tags deployed on animals)
    • acoustic monitoring (record signals from microphones with high-precision timestamps)
    • (okay, only two so far)

    SensorGnome the box

    • a computer (beaglebone for now) running the Debian 7.0 distribution of Linux with custom software
    • a USB hub for attaching devices to the computer; physical ports are numbered so that
      multiple attached devices of the same type are easily distinguished in recorded data.
    • dual power supply:  a universal AC adapter and a 9-36 Volt DC/DC converter for battery / solar setups
    • GPS for location and 1-second (standard) or sub-millisecond (custom kit) UTC clock synchronization. 
    • USB Audio class sensors such as microphones and funcubedongle radio receivers
    • user interacts with SensorGnome via a web interface available on a USB 2.0 cable
      (with included drivers for Windows and Mac; none needed for Linux)
      or an ethernet crossover cable (no drivers required).

    sensorgnome.org the project

    • hosts software development and documentation
    • acts as central data repository
    • hosts processing of data by users (and eventually live monitoring)
    • facilitates sharing of data across projects (you tagged a bird, someone else detected it)

    2018-02-21  New: notable deployments will be mentioned here.

    Please consider joining the sensorgnomads mailing list.

    Developed by Phil Taylor and John Brzustowski (and many, many other helpers and testers) at Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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